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These days, when the world moves too fast, it is sometimes hard to find a moment for ourselves. With timetables packed full of daily lists and goals to achieve, there are times when you need to take a step back and prioritise yourself. It is important to be able to look after your mind and find something that makes you feel happy. Whatever it is, I think it should be fun, challenging and allow you to express yourself. I personally fell into fragrances.


Fragrance illiterate, I started from the beginning. As someone who has always loved embracing creativity, I discovered fragrance to have similarities to some of my other hobbies (I have compared it with painting, gardening, baking etc.). But instead of paint or plants or ingredients, the beauty in perfumery is learning how to combine scents to tell a story. After receiving my first batch of essential oils, I was amazed at how strongly certain scents conjured up feelings and memories, each evoking a story of their own. Some made me recoil, and others were so beautiful I could not get enough of them. The interesting thing was how other people responded to the same fragrances. What some loved, others would hate - the difference in opinion was that extreme! It was fascinating.


Amygdala: Part of the brain linked to memories and emotions

After making up some solid fragrances in the kitchen and trying my hand at perfume blending, I had an Eureka moment when I layered two different solid fragrances on my arm. The fragrances were Clementine and Coffee. I know it sounds like a strange combination but I thought it smelled amazing, completely new and intoxicating. The question I immediately asked myself was - why weren’t more people doing this? Having fun with fragrance and blending away, experimenting with weird combinations. Solid fragrance made experimentation easy and instant, and anyone could do it. It was as simple as swirling a finger.

Soon after this, Amygdala was born. Named after the part of the brain that is linked to memories and emotions, it seemed like the right choice.




Our mission

To create a range of single scent solid perfumes that can be blended together so that people can explore the world of perfume and understand each element.
We hope that you have fun trying out new scents and experimenting with crazy combinations. I think it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong, just self-expression and how your memories influence your sense of smell.


Have a go and let me know how you get on. Good luck and best wishes, from


Kim and The Team at Amygdala.




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