Ambergris Recipes

Ambergris Solid Perfume Blending Recipe

Here are a few recipes to help you get started.

Hints: You can blend the solid perfumes in any order. Try varying the amount of each solid perfume too e.g. a lot more lemon and a little less amber. Sniff and adjust the blend accordingly. You are in control so experiment and find what feels right to your nose.

Tip: Try blending on paper with cotton buds. Just layer one solid perfume over the other as you would on your skin. This way if you make a scent you don't like, you won't need to wash it off.

We hope you have fun and enjoy these recipes. Please get in touch if you have any questions.




Virginia Cedarwood


'A table laid in the gothic style with scattered animal skulls. A blue-black raven eating from a cup filled with tempting glossy red berries.'


The sweet, juicy and delectable scent of redcurrant fills the nose, a feast of this red jewelled bounty. However the redcurrant is muddied by the woody note of the virginia cedarwood, that speaks of old wooden banqueting tables and medieval feasts. Ambergris adds intensity and apprehension to create a macabre atmosphere of darkness.



Woody fragrance.

Masculine Feminine









'Desire and a leather chair.'


Fleshy tuberose flirts provocatively posing as both soapy clean and wanton at the same time. Mischievous leather adds naughtiness while ambergris' animalic side provides the earthiness and the scent of two bodies intertwined.



Leather fragrance.

Masculine Feminine


Daytime Evening


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