Blending Guide

Note Basics

Each individual fragrance scent, or ‘note’, can be generally classed as a top, middle or base note. Top notes are scents that tend to be light and fresh, middle notes add body, and base notes are the heavier, warmer scents. You can find out if a solid fragrance is a top, middle or base note by checking its product description.


Top notes – Bergamot, Pear
Middle notes – Green Tea, Imperial Rose
Base notes – Tonka Bean, Virginia Cedarwood


Top notes last for 30 min – 1 hour
Middle notes last for 1 - 2 hours
Base notes last for 2 - 4 hours


For a longer lasting fragrance we recommend blending a combination of the types of notes. Base notes have ‘fixative’ qualities that prolong more short-lived notes. You may find for instance that Bergamot may last 30 minutes on the skin, but if you blend it with Virginia Cedarwood, the resulting fragrance may last for several hours. Alternatively you can reapply and 'top up' individual notes as required.

Blending Tips

Trial and error is the best way to find out if two, three or four fragrance notes go together. We found that as more notes are added together there is more potential for the blend to go wrong. Keep it simple. We have grouped the single notes into their fragrance groups and top, middle and base notes to aid blending.

As you gain confidence and familiarity with the fragrances, you can alter the amounts of each note in the blend. For instance, you could add just a light touch of Pear to a floral blend to give your fragrance a modern fruity floral twist. Or add a trace of Virginia Cedarwood to Imperial Rose and Green Tea, for woody depth and roundedness.

Another point to mention is that even if there’s a note you don’t particularly like, you will find that blending it with something else may create something quite extraordinary.

But remember - there are no hard and fast rules! For instance, a blend can be comprised of only middle notes, or only base notes. You may also only want to wear a note on its own. It is completely up to wherever your creativity leads you.


Trial Blending

Before wearing your fragrance on your skin you may choose to experiment on paper first. Using a cotton bud/swab or your finger, apply some of the solid fragrance to a piece of plain paper (this method is similar to how you would spray a tester paper with a liquid perfume). You can then go on to place other solid fragrances on top to perfect your blend, before applying to the skin. Just remember to jot down what you have blended, as it is easy to forget what’s been mixed once you get going (we speak from experience!).


Have fun and good luck. We’d love you to share your creations with us, so let us know how you get on!


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