Geranium Recipes

Geranium Solid Perfume Blending Guide

Here are a few recipes to help you get started.

Hints: You can blend the solid perfumes in any order. Try varying the amount of each solid perfume too e.g. a lot more lemon and a little less amber. Sniff and adjust the blend accordingly. You are in control so experiment and find what feels right to your nose.

Tip: Try blending on paper with cotton buds. Just layer one solid perfume over the other as you would on your skin. This way if you make a scent you don't like, you won't need to wash it off.

We hope you have fun and enjoy these recipes. Please get in touch if you have any questions.




Tonka Bean


'A Victorian apothecary with rows and rows of stoppered glass bottles. Mysterious ingredients used to treat ailments and maladies. The gentleman behind the counter mixes up a herbal brew for you.'


Spicy geranium conjures up images of fresh herbs and flowers being pounded in a pestle and mortar. An ointment maybe, or a syrup? Geranium gives a slight medicinal edge and harks back to old fashioned remedies picked from the garden. Oakmoss adds more primitive feeling, bringing you into the forest where you might forage for special plants and herbs. If the medicine was bitter, it would be mixed with something sweet to make the 'brew' more palatable. The addition of sweet tonka bean acts like this masking agent.



Herbal fougere fragrance.

Masculine Feminine





Amber Resin


Imperial Rose


'Arid desert and sand dunes. An ancient civilisation built near a lush green oasis. Trickling cool fountains adorned with blue decorated ceramic tiles.'


Exotic dark rose mingles with minty geranium to create images of turkish delight and mint tea. Amber resin plays in the background adding opulence and warmth, capturing the enigmatic sea of sand that surrounds this sacred place.



Floral oriental fragrance.



Daytime Evening


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